Bayandan reverse engineering eğitimi

Rus bayandan reverse engineering (Tersine Mühendislik) eğitim filmlerini paylaşıyorum. Burada legal sayılmayacak türden paylaşımlar yapmamaya özen göstersemde bunu birseferlik kenara koyabilirim. Paylaşımım zaten eğitim amaçlı. Art niyet yok. 40 başlık altında genel olarak bir derleme diyebileceğimiz eğitim seti aşağıdaki konulardan oluşuyor.

  1. Olly + assembler + patching a basic reverseme
  2. Keyfiling the reverseme + assembler
  3. Basic nag removal + header problems
  4. Basic + aesthetic patching
  5. Comparing on changes in cond jumps, animate over / in, breakpoints
  6. “The plain stupid patching method”, searching for textstrings
  7. Intermediate level patching, Kanal in PEiD
  8. Debugging with W32Dasm, RVA, VA and offset, using LordPE as a hexeditor
  9. Explaining the Visual Basic concept, introduction to SmartCheck and configuration
  10. Continued reversing techniques in VB, use of decompilers and a basic anti-anti-trick
  11. Intermediate patching using Olly’s “pane window”
  12. Guiding a program by multiple patching.
  13. The use of API’s in software, avoiding doublechecking tricks
  14. More difficult schemes and an introduction to inline patching
  15. How to study behaviour in the code, continued inlining using a pointer
  16. Reversing using resources
  17. Insights and practice in basic (self) keygenning
  18. Diversion code, encryption / decryption, selfmodifying code and polymorphism
  19. Debugger detected and anti-anti-techniques
  20. Packers and protectors: an introduction
  21. Imports rebuilding
  22. API ********ion
  23. Stolen bytes
  24. Patching at runtime using loaders from lena151 original
  25. Continued patching at runtime & unpacking armadillo standard protection
  26. Machine specific loaders, unpacking & debugging armadillo
  27. TElock + advanced patching
  28. Bypassing & killing server checks
  29. Killing & inlining a more difficult server check
  30. SFX, Run Trace & more advanced string searching
  31. Delphi in Olly & DeDe
  32. Author tricks, HIEW & approaches in inline patching
  33. The FPU, integrity checks & loader versus patcher
  34. Reversing techniques in packed soft & A S & R loader for aspr
  35. Inlining inside polymorphic code
  36. Keygenning
  37. Indept Unpacking & Anti-Anti-Debugging A Combination Packer / Protector
  38. Unpacking continued & debugger detection by DLL and TLS
  39. Inlining blowfish in a dll + unpacking aspr SKE 2.2
  40. which will be about ReverseMe#8 (the one solved by MOID & MrMag)

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