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Backtrack 5 R1 çıktı dünya ile aynı anda tüm müzik marketlerde ;)… ISO’yu indirip yaktıktan sonra Cover (Label)’ın eksik olduğu gözünüze çarpmıyor adeta batıyor! Backtrack 5 için henüz bir Cover yok iken bir tane yapmanın iyi olacağını düşündüm. Sitesinden aşırdığım duvar kağıları ile yapmaya çalıştığım DVD etikelerinden farklı renk seçenekleri de oluşturdum. Zevkinize göre takılın… Umarım beğenirsiniz.

* Information Gathering
* Network Mapping
* Vulnerability Identification
* Web Application Analysis
* Radio Network Analysis
* Penetration
* Privilege Escalation
* Maintaining Access
* Digital Forensics
* Reverse Engineering
* Voice Over IP

Backtrack is a Linux distribution built in for safety testing. There are more than 300 distribution vehicles. This means that you see your left were collected in six categories. Users of this distribution of Linux as a virtual operating system, such as hard disks kurabildiği, or by setting up the USB to use it as a live cd. Backtrack 4 Debian-based Linux distribution version, is one of the most commonly used by security experts. Two different desktop interface has been added to the system. One of them is the other one is KDE FLUXBOX’tır. You can change between these two interfaces with a tool named Dragon. KDE interface


command to start it. System user name and password you first install the root / toor dur.Şifreyi use to change the command

passwd root

Commands to update your system to use

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade

Packet content can use the following command to see a list of programs

dpkg – list

BackTrack is the most important issue to consider when you apply using the attacks to implement their own systems and ağlarınıza. Do not forget that these tools are tools designed to protect your system by malicious people. Damage to others the responsibility of their own. Third-party networks, and / or damage to systems give legal consequences. Programs are described in the parties themselves personally responsible for the misuse of our site.

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