phpMySQLConsole v0.1

phpMySQLConsole is a powerful and most original way to operate  your MySQL databases via a simple web interface. You wil sense power of SQL language with phpMySQLConsole. (Slogana bak be! :)

It's made with PHP/AJAX/CSS/HTML. It's Open Source.
 Download phpMySQLConsole v1.0 - 12KB


  • Dont require shell account on server.
  • No any changing on firewall configuration to cause posible security weakness.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It can operate on all operation systems and web browsers that have support for javascript.
  • Its usefull for dump and load operations on large databases.


  • Support for all posible SQL query sentences.
  • Fastest command interaction with server. Thanks to AJAX.
  • Auto select&copy function similar to behaviour of *nix terminal window.
  • Detailed help for console commands (type help command)
  • Command history. Remembers previously entered commands (use up/down arrow keys).
  • Full customizable interface with CSS support.
  • Allows to log commands to text file.


phpMySQLConsole (PMC) is a web based MySQL command shell. PMC aims to be a web shell has same and more feautures and functionalites of real MySQL Shell. Integrating of PMC to any web application is very easy and dont need any firewall construction to access. Its completly http based.

PMC consist of 2 important part, javascript console and PHP command interpreter. Javascript console provide a MySQL command prompt for user to type their commands with some usefull functionalities such as *nix like select-copy and command history which can be used arrow keys. Then other important part is PHP command interpeter run on server side. This is a PHP script run on PHP and MySQL supported server The script interperets commands which coming from javascript console via XMLHttp request and print out results to javascript console again XMLHttp.